Loxone smart home automation enables all smart home devices to interact similar to the human nervous system. This works just the same in commercial buildings too. And you’ll never need a voice command. It all happens automatically and reliably without needing wi-fi or the Cloud. But if your needs ever change, you can make changes instantly with the Loxone App or a Touch switch.


We strive to deliver only the best when it comes to Automation panel standards. All our panels are custom built to each homes requirements and design. We have adopted Plug and Play philosophies with a detailed schematic and hand over for system installed.

Audio Visual

 Enjoy the moments in your home. Beyond a music system for home, audio can do so much more along with other systems integrated. Wake up to upbeat music, choose a sound to replace your doorbell, receive text-to-speech
announcements and more.  


 It is a unfortunate fact that we live in a country where security is a necessity. We provide a wide range of products that cover each and every aspect of your security needs. Fully integrated into our Home Automation system notifying not only your armed response company but also notifying you and giving you real time access to see what is going on.


More and More devices now days rely on reliable wireless connectivity be it for Internet Access, Monitoring or Control. We design each home Network to be fully integrated, Centrally Monitored and Controlled providing reliability and piece of mind to the home owner.